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Fiona Blair

Fiona Blair

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innerwise Academy New Zealand

I had an amazing childhood and the older I got, the sicknesses and physical issues started appearing. 

Plagued with neurological problems stemming from compressed discs in my neck causing paraplegia in my left side and debilitating migraines that would hospitalise me from days to weeks at a time.  All this while holding down a career and raising children.  I remember then saying many times “Mum can’t do that because…..” or ‘Be careful of Mum because you will hurt her”. This made me feel inadequate as a mother and a failure to society in general.  

Years of constant fails by medical practitioners I started to search for alternative therapists. Many relived my symptoms but never cured the cause.

After 30+ years I was on my way for my second major neck surgery. Days before seeing my surgeon a dear friend took us to see an energy healer who instantly gave me movement in my neck and I walked out pain free. To date I have astounded medical professionals as to my neck recovery.

My husband Kevin had already began his discovery with Innerwise a few years back and had become a coach and he would share his thoughts along the way and slowly taught me that I could do it too.   When he supervised me with my first session I was hooked!  My hands naturally took on a mind of their own and my intuition increased. 

We recently took a trip to Germany for Innerwise training which was scary but at the same time exhilarating. And here I am!   

To show you how you can clear blockages is as simple as asking a yes/no question. 


Your own personal journey can begin with Innerwise and I would be very happy to be a part of it with you.

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