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Uwe Albrecht

Developer and founder of innerwise

  • My path of discovery (in German)

  • I’m hungry for life! (in German)

  • The creative fire – live (in German)

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Inspiring words, looking below the surface, practical instructions, feeling amazed time and again—and it’s so authentic!

  • Uwe Albrecht explains innerwise (in German)

  • The finger test on Mystica.TV (in German)

  • innerwise: equipment-free diagnostics and medication-free therapy (in German)

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The Arm-Length Test

Ask your unconscious, the real decision-maker in your life, and it will answer. Whether you will always like the answers or not, I don’t know.

  • The arm-length test

  • The hand test (in German)

  • Spherical vision

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A precise analysis is the prerequisite for recognizing how everything is connected and being able to offer targeted therapy.

  • Intuitive diagnostics of organs

  • Life energy: testing yourself (in German)

  • Basic techniques (in German)

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Therapy & Coaching

Here you can find examples of how you can use innerwise in therapeutic or coaching work with yourself or others.

  • How to do a complete treatment

  • Treating a cold

  • Treating a child with innerwise: The Complete Healing System (in German)

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These checkup lists reveal what you should check daily, weekly and monthly to stay healthy and happy.

  • Daily checkup

  • Weekly checkup (in German)

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Online Courses

In February 2015, we filmed complete innerwise workshops, involving twelve participants, four cameramen and six cameras. Now you can sit and learn with us, participate in practical exercises, watch diagnoses and treatments, or work along together with friends or your family. It’s up to you when and how much you want to watch and work.


Heal Yourself: Basic Workshop

Experience this 14-hour live workshop on demand!



Go to Basic Workshop

Intensive Workshop

Experience this 30-hour live workshop on demand!



Go to Intensive Workshop

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