We are alive—so let’s live life to the fullest!
I don’t believe in past lives or an afterlife.
Experience the abundance of life NOW, in this one life!
Uwe Albrecht


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My vision

What I do, I do for myself not for you.
I do it because I enjoy doing it and because it is my soul purpose.

If I did it for you, then everything I did would depend on whether you liked it or not. I would make you responsible for how I feel, depriving you of your freedom. I would be abusing you. I do what I do because I love it; and if it inspires you, that’s wonderful! Along those lines, I’ve created innerwise not for you but for myself and for my love of it. I don’t want anybody to follow me or to repeat my words. If I inspire you to walk your own path, to find your own words and to live your own truth, that’s wonderful!

My vision is that of interaction of people of integrity. People who behave like adults and are willing to take responsibility for themselves and their own lives.

People who are a blessing to others just by being themselves, rather than robbing others of themselves or lying to others. People who are authentic and have no need for power games and manipulation.

People who live in harmony with themselves and all that lives.

Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. (Steve Jobs)

My Life

I studied medicine at the Humboldt University of Berlin and became a physician in 1994.

  • Discovery +

    During my third year of studies, I found a book on neural therapy in my mother’s bookcase which she had received as a gift from a pharmaceutical representative. This book described how pain in different body parts had disappeared by merely injecting a local anesthetic in the gums around a particular tooth. “So after all, HEALING does exist ...,” I thought. After three years of studying medicine, I’d almost lost hope.

  • Search +

    And thus began my search. In addition to my medical studies at the university, I started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine for several years—or to be more precise, its philosophy, pathology and medicinal herbs. I learned to apply neural therapy under Dr. Horst Becke, and also had the opportunity to work with Dr. Johann Abele, one of the last physicians who still mastered detoxifying treatments based on methods by Hufeland.

  • Clinical experience +

    The “Karl und Veronica Carstens-Stiftung” foundation sponsored two clinical studies that I carried out to examine the correlations between focal infections, chronic inflammations and the reflex zones in the throat and neck area; I also worked to prove the effectiveness of cupping therapy for carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition that otherwise often results in surgery. The studies were published internationally. I enjoyed it all immensely and it allowed me to meet wonderful people such as Dr. G. Draczynski, who had worked with Professors Alfred Pischinger and Felix Perger in the 70s and who gave me valuable information and documents on the ground regulation system.

    Through the “Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Herdforschung” (German Working Group on Focal Infection Research), I learned more about the implications of focal infections and their correlations within the body. From there, my journey of discovery took me to Walter Kunnen and his son Konrad in Belgium. They became my teachers on electrosmog and geopathic stress.

    In the field of conventional medicine, I worked in different hospitals at the time. In Berlin, for example, Professor Friedrich Luft taught me to always base my therapies on the most recent studies. This became so deeply engrained in me that since then I no longer read studies and have instead set out on a journey of discovery myself. My experiences in a clinic for rheumatic diseases, which dealt primarily with cases of autoimmune diseases (self-destructive diseases), matched exactly what I discovered later using the arm-length test: People who are ill, subconsciously want to be ill.

    My last stint in the field of conventional medicine was my experience working at a pain therapy clinic. There, the credo was “Those who can provide healing are right.” Dr. Michael Fischer, the doctor on my ward, granted me every therapeutic freedom one could possibly dream of. Since I had started to learn about a kinesiological system known as physioenergetics from Raphael van Assche on the side, I began using it at the clinic. And was kicked out. Testing with the arms went too far for the head of the clinical department.

  • The holistic approach +

    Additional training followed, including profound experiences using osteopathic techniques, homeopathy, systemic constellation work and emotional therapies. For a number of years, Professor Bernd Senf worked with me using bioenergetic bodywork based on Wilhelm Reich’s methods, and during one weekend I lost 1.5 diopters, thus getting rid of my glasses. Another miracle!

  • Opening my own practice +

    Originally, I was supposed to take over my mother’s general practice. Yet, with the knowledge I had already gained at the time, 60 patients a day with only five to ten minutes for each of them was no longer conceivable to me. This now meant that I would have to stand on my own two feet while also managing to feed my family with my own small private practice. If you are good and able to help, people come to you. If you aren’t, they don’t.

  • A new healing system +

    This also meant I needed a healing system that really worked . . . and so I developed one myself.

    This system is known as innerwise: Healing by accessing one’s inner wisdom.

    I had found a way to combine all I had learned and to use this power to keep searching and discovering much more. For me, innerwise is a living healing system that unites the best from all cultures and times. It’s an open system and can be integrated into any other technique or method. It enables us to discover the individual correlations, thereby learning to understand illness in new ways. It’s both the essence and the abundance that can be applied intuitively.

    Every aspect of this system is something we have experienced ourselves. As a result, together some friends and I went through hell a few times and back, but also kept returning to the “seventh heaven.” Authenticity cannot be gained differently. I am grateful for all experiences.

    If I had to describe my path in just a few words, they would be:

    • From chaos to my own identity: I am myself again, I am I.
    • Clearing up old charges
    • Putting an end to compromise and being honest with myself
    • Trusting myself. Finally growing up and taking responsibility for myself and my life
    • Reintegrating lost soul fragments
    • Learning to be happy with myself
    • Loving myself

    I can look back at my lifework with joy; I can let it go and look forward to all that life still has to offer.


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Allow yourself to make mistakes, to be confused, to act illogically, to transform while learning, to trust your desire. Look at what is unusual, make yourself uncomfortable, go against the grain, live your dreams, wake up and laugh, live more fantastically, also give freedom. (André Heller)


I always had bad grades when it came to languages. German wasn’t my favorite subject. Reading texts out loud caused outbreaks of sweating, because my eyes were faster than my mouth. My spelling still follows as few rules as I do in life.

And yet it is part of my purpose to write books in order to pass on what I was given to share with others.

»Intuitive Diagnostik« (Intuitive Diagnostics) (in German)
Equipment-free diagnostics for the 21st century. Already a classic, this books offers lively texts and marvelous illustrations—an invitation to explore and discover.

»Integrity is my way« (in German)
Truthfulness, honesty, completeness and living without compromises—yes, this is possible in today’s world. Inspiring stories by people who live this way and changed their lives.

»Besser schlafen – Besser leben« (Sleep Better, Live Better) (in German)
Geopathic stress and electrosmog—the invisible enemies of good sleep—affect almost everybody. With the support of this book you can easily resolve these issues yourself!

»Ja/Nein – So einfach kann das Leben sein« (Yes/No: Using the Arm-Length Test for Instant Answers and Wellbeing) (in German)
Learn how to apply the arm-length test and free yourself from other people’s opinions. Use it to find your own truth, and then walk your own path. Learn the basics of testing and discover many practical applications.

»Der Heilatem« (The Healing Breath) (in German)
This book is no longer available. It is included in the book »innerwise Heilmeditationen« (innerwise Healing Meditations)

»Intuitive Heilung – Die evolutionäre innerwise-Methode« (Intuitive Healing—The Evolutionary innerwise Method) (in German)
This new edition is based on the book »Heilung für alles Lebendige« (Healing All That Lives) and was updated to include all new innerwise tools that have been created since 2011.

A Course in Healing
It’s witty, profound, easy and, above all, really practice-oriented. Learn how to use energy medicine—it’s that easy! Includes a book and many videos.

»innerwise-Heilmeditationen« (innerwise Healing Meditations) (in German)
As people often like to close their eyes during a meditation, these are published as audio books. And they offer a special experience: The Healing Breath, Mother Earth and innerYoga. For the last two, you’ll still need to wait a little bit, though.



In addition to the innerwise products I’ve developed, our webshop offers many other publications: lectures on DVD, e-books, audio books, powerful meditations, and much more.

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