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Kevin Blair

Kevin Blair

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New Zealand
25 Wickens Place
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innerwise Academy New Zealand

Kevin Blair - Innerwise Practitioner I was born and bred in Taranaki on a sheep farm in a little community called Whenuakura. From School I joined the Navy as a medic and later trained as a Registered Comprehensive Nurse where I practiced in Singapore, Auckland and returned back to Taranaki and worked in New Plymouth Base Hospital, totaling 14 years. I then became a general duties constable with the New Zealand Police and completed just under 14 years. Throughout my 30 + years of working, I had always felt that I had a calling to help others and being a nurse or a policemen was not quenching my thirst so I started to explore alternative health practices or more to the point alternative health practices started calling me. After dabbling in Massage Therapy, Shiatsu and Kinesiology I finally stumbled across an alternative healing called Innerwise. This sparked my interest and sat well with my beliefs and life experiences. In 2014 I had the honour of being trained by Uwe Albrecht himself, who developed the Innerwise Energy Healing System. Since then I have done healings on new born babies, children, adults and even animals. The results have been mind blowing and reinforces the simplicity and power that we all have to heal ourselves.

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It was an honour
... to work with Kevin Blair and really loved my session with him. I had previously known Kevin as a local policeman so I was surprised and interested to learn of his new journey. For me most of the things I wanted to look into healing were around men so to work with Kevin was healing in itself. There is something about Kevin where I felt very comfortable and at ease. I will definitely be a return client. M Jansen
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