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We all simply started at some point. We love the principle “learning by doing.”
The only obligation is to work well and responsibly with innerwise.
You can learn by attending workshops or through online courses.

  • The innerwise educational program comprises the following six modules: +

    Module 1: The Arm-Length Test and Basic Workshop
    Module 2: Intuitive Diagnostics and Intuitive Healing
    Module 3: Practice Workshops

    Module 4: Pathfinder Academy
    Module 5: Mentors’ Program

  • Erlebnisabende, Regional- & Übungstreffen +

    Informationsveranstaltungen: innerwise erleben, kennenlernen, ausprobieren, erfahren und das in deiner Nähe und angeleitet durch einen erfahrenen innerwise Mentor.

    Oder bei Regionaltreffen andere innerwise Anwender kennenlernen, euch vernetzen und einander unterstützen - ein innerwise Mentor ist auch hier dabei.

    Zu den Terminen
  • Module 1: The Arm-Length Test and Basic Workshop +

    Yes or No: The Arm-Length Test

    Life can be that simple! The arm’s length test guiding your decisions in all life situations: Learn how to use the arm-length test in six hours. Gain confidence in using it and employ it in all areas of your life. This workshop gives you an introduction to innerwise or simply teaches you how to use the arm-length test.

    Workshop content

    • Learn the arm-length test in three steps and become confident in its use
    • Master all types of possible responses of the arm-length test
    • Learn the quick test using two fingers
    • Spherical vision—the foundation of any reliable response
    • Ask meaningful questions
    • Use it in all life situations

    Goal of workshop

    You master this beautifully simple and safe test and are able to use it in all life situations. To help you guide your decisions and to connect with the unconscious.

    Duration of workshop

    A six-hour workshop in small groups, with individual guidance.

    Cost: € 95

    “The arm-length test is the best skill I ever acquired. Now I’m self-sufficient in lots of different areas: When it comes to food tolerances or which remedy to take, my children’s study stress, about cosmetics and lots more. You can use it in practically any area of your daily life, until you reach a point where your own intuition has grown to such a level that you only need it rarely.” Andrea



    INFO: Please note that you can choose between the following basic workshops:
    Basic workshop “Healing All That Lives”: Feeling, sensing, testing, communicating, diagnosing and healing with “Innerwise – The Complete Healing System” and
    “A Course in Healing”: Learn how to use innerwise in a group over a period of three to six months and integrate it into your life.

    Basic Workshop “Healing All That Lives”

    Yes to change, good health, honesty, vitality, clarity, being connected to the Divine and love.

    Goal of workshop

    • Train your intuitive perception
    • Open your senses
    • Learn how to use the arm-length test
    • Learn about the innerwise system
    • Treat yourself using “Innerwise® – The Complete Healing System”
    • Recognize potential disorders and their causes
    • Deal more competently with conflict and stress
    • Learn to take care of your own stability yourself
    • Learn to understand and love yourself and others again
    • Help yourself in your own life situation

    Duration of workshop

    A 2.5-day workshop in small groups, with individual guidance.

    Cost: € 350


    A Course in Healing

    Enjoy the guidance of innerwise throughout your transformation into the abundance of Being.

    Over the course of 12 evening events taking place over a few months, participants of an established group will receive guidance by Uwe Albrecht with innerwise based on his book A Course in Healing. A practice-oriented approach will be followed, and participants will learn how to integrate innerwise into all areas of their lives.

    Cost: € 350

  • Module 2: Intuitive Diagnostics and Intuitive Healing (Intensive Workshop) +

    Intuitive Diagnostics—the art of equipment-free diagnostics

    Making a diagnosis doesn’t just mean to put a name to an illness. Rather, it’s about examining a given state in-depth and on all levels in order to be able to understand the underlying patterns and causes, and to arrive at a personalized and effective therapy from those premises. Often we don’t need equipment for that purpose—our abilities to perceive and sense as well as test with the help of our body suffice.

    In this workshop you can learn to do all that:

    • performing a complete medical diagnosis and plan a therapy;
    • identifying the causes of symptoms and illnesses yourself;
    • diagnosing organs on all levels (structural, biochemical, rhythmic, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and unknown);
    • testing medication before taking it as to its effectiveness and freedom from side effects;
    • finding out about allergies and intolerances;
    • identifying field irritations;
    • identifying and sensing irritations and disorders in structures and joints;
    • finding irritations of rhythms;
    • diagnosing the function of the autonomic nervous system;
    • identifying the point in time when an irritation or disorder originated;
    • discovering systemic correlations;
    • diagnosing people and animals.

    Goal of workshop

    Every time you perform this kind of diagnostics, you will learn something new and find out which therapy makes sense and will be successful. You will manage to do all this without ultrasound, x-ray, ECG or lab tests, simply with your hands, your perception and sensing abilities, and your intuition. It almost sounds too good to be true. But it is, and you can do it, too!

    Duration of workshop

    4 days

    Cost: € 800


    Intuitive Healing (Intensive Workshop)

    The next step is to become an innerwise therapist/coach by completing the intensive program. Here, participants come together from all different basic workshops. In this workshop, you’ll get to know all the tools. It offers a lot of opportunity for practice and is applicable immediately. After taking this workshop, you can work with the entire innerwise system, integrate it into your professional activities and start gaining your own practical experience.

    Workshop content

    • The basics of energy medicine and healing, holistic biological medicine, the conscious mind and the unconscious
    • Sensing, feeling and perceiving objectively
    • The 8 levels of manifestation (physical, biochemical, rhythmic, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and unknown)
    • Intuitive diagnostics of organs, parameters, rhythms and structure
    • Imagos of situations, organs and families
    • The innerwise testing system
    • Therapy based on innerwise treatment techniques

    Treatment techniques

    • Individual treatments
    • Treatments for couples hoping to conceive
    • Couples’ treatments
    • Energetic design of living and work spaces

    Goal of workshop

    The ability to immediately use the complete innerwise system confidently and reliably in practice and gain experience.

    Duration of workshop

    4.5 days of intensive work. Learn the entire spectrum of the innerwise system. Can be put into practice and integrated immediately.


    We kindly ask all workshop participants to have completed the basic workshop and read the book Intuitive Healing prior to the workshop so that we can all dedicate this time largely to practice.

    Cost: € 800

  • Praxiskurse +


    Für die Vertiefung und Festigung stehen die Praxiskurse der Mentoren als freie Angebote zur Verfügung.

    Hier eine kleine Auswahl der Themen:

    • Kurs im Fühlen
    • Lebe
    • Imago
    • Diagnostik und Therapie von Systemen
    • Manipulationen
    • Besser schlafen
    • Schwangerschaft und Geburt
    • Hausreinigung

    Kosten: 1 Tag 150 € / 2,5 Tage 350 €

    Zu den Kursterminen


  • Module 3: Practice Workshops +

    Practice Workshops

    To deepen and consolidate what you have learned, our mentors offer practice workshops independently.

    Here you can find a small selection of workshop topics:

    • A Course in Sensing
    • Live!
    • Imago
    • Diagnostics and therapy of systems
    • Manipulation
    • Better sleep
    • Pregnancy and birth
    • Energetic cleansing of living and work spaces

    Cost: 1 day: € 150; 2.5 days: € 350

  • Module 4: Pathfinder Academy +

    Learning at the Pathfinder Academy

    A new approach to thinking and living business!
    Become a Pathfinder Consultant

    Become a Pathfinder Consultant

    • I am or have been an entrepreneur
    • I am a team leader
    • I am in a management position or am preparing for one
    • I am a consultant
    • I am a company founder and business owner
    • I have project management experience
    • I have management experience
    • I am an investor or business angel
    • I am a corporate accounts manager/consultant
    • I am an inventor/developer/researcher

    Salon: An evening of discovery – Open to all

    Rethinking and reshaping business and systems. From lifeless object to thriving organism – what is real reason so many businesses and organizations fail? Experience real-life holistic system analysis and system coaching. Meet like-minded and inspirational individuals. Discover and discuss new approaches from every discipline on unfolding the potential of human beings in business and organizations.

    Course length

    1 evening

    Check course dates

    Adventure: A day of discovery

    You can do business.
    You think you know how to be a business consultant.

    During a one-day session, discover that much more is possible than just working and coaching on the cognitive level – and, most excitingly of all: you can learn it quickly for yourself. Efficient, holistic system analysis produces accurate results in no time. Coaching takes place using various tools, while also engaging with the unconscious field. This work immediately changes reality.

    Course length

    1 day

    Fees: 350 €

    Check course dates

    0. Zero Point: For all newcomers to innerwise

    This introductory course is for all who wish to become Pathfinders, but have not yet completed an innerwise training. During two highly intensive, hands-on days, working for 12 hours each day, learn all the necessary, basic tools and how to apply them to human beings before extending them to various systems as well. We believe that you must first understand people and have a firm grasp of consciousness and subconsciousness before you can work successfully within systems.


    • To gain a basic understanding of holistic system coaching
    • To acquire internal and external tools


    • Basic philosophy; understanding systems
    • Business: What is it?
    • Physiology of systems
    • Conscious and unconscious
    • Cognitive and intuitive
    • Testing, feeling, diagnostics and analytics
    • Therapy for people, also applied to systems in business and institutions

    Course length

    2 days

    Fees: 1.000 €

    Check course dates

    1. System Analytics

    Step 1 to becoming a Pathfinder for all who have completed Zero Point of the innerwise training.
    Along with the basic philosophy, this course focuses on teaching you practical, systematic analysis of systems such as companies and other organizations in the private and public sectors, enabling you to apply it immediately in your work.


    Mastering accurate systematic analytics

    Basics acquired

    • The philosophy of the Pathfinder
    • Understanding systems
    • The holistic approach to business
    • Local & global concepts of organizations
    • Homo economicus
    • Money & success
    • Transforming systems


    • innerwise testing systems
    • Imago
    • Mapping (system biography)
    • Parameters
    • Life cycle
    • Theory U
    • Integral life

    Course length

    3 days

    Fees: 1.500 €

    Check course dates

    2. System Treatment

    The second and final step toward becoming a Pathfinder, for all who have successfully completed Step 1 (System Analytics). Learn to coach systems successfully, quickly and efficiently, and to recognize and balance the fields that are at work deep below the surface.

    Basics acquired

    • New leadership styles
    • Business today and tomorrow
    • Unfolding the potential of humans and businesses
    • The coaching spectrum, based on practical examples


    • Cognitive tools
    • Information coaching and healing
    • innerwise coaching tools
    • Theory U tools
    • Ken Wilber tools

    Hands-on practice

    • Coaching systems
    • Teambuilding
    • Unfolding potentials
    • Now, Here and Self
    • Live coaching of internal and external systems

    Course length

    4 days

    Fees: 2.200 €

    Check course dates

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