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Linda Villasenor

Linda Villasenor

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innerwise mentor, booking agent and producer
20 plus years SoulSpirit Complete Facilitator. And self employed since forever.
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1261 Oak Avenue
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innerwise Academy USA

Offering and teaching ancestral and innerwise wisdom energy healing as a SoulSpirit Complete Facilitator.


Born and raised on a ranch in Southern California, I spent my childhood mostly outdoors loving and healing animals, gathering, crushing and blending leaves and roots for my potions in an old Indian molcajete, just as my ancestors had done.  Fast forward to 1994, fifty years after my birth, after creating a successful business, my children grown and on their own, I was in love with life and living, married to the love of my life, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  This twist in the road led me to a physician who ministered me with hands on healing and reawakened my love of healing and ancestral connection.  From Dr. Earl Simmons I learned about the subtleties of negativity, and how to successfully apply hands on healing, and the road took me on a path to minister many others. Then in 2012 the road turned once again and led me to another physician, Dr. Uwe Albrecht, creator of innerwise®.  From Dr. Uwe I learned a “no hands on” unique healing modality. I learned that innerwise treats the root causes of a manifested disharmony, and that then the body, in harmony and flow, can heal itself.  And I understood that finding the root cause was my missing ancestral tool. The road has taken me to now, and here, I am, offering sessions and teaching ancestral and inner wisdom energy healing as a SoulSpirit Complete Facilitator.  

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