innerwise helps us understand the energy patterns and fields of people, animals and systems that are at the core of life itself, and shows us ways to clarify and resolve irritations in the easiest possible manner.


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Born in 1996, what used to be a little idea has grown, matured, and gained depth and wisdom.
The goal has always been to find the essence of Being and to create tools in order to apply these insights in all areas.
Only if it’s effective everywhere and on all levels, it is the essence.

innerwise for living

innerwise makes life more beautiful and honest, easier, richer and clearer—simply put, full of love and worth living.

The Arm-Length Test

Yes or no: Life can be that simple!
This test isn’t an esoteric fad, but rather, a neurological reflex, the body’s own biofeedback system, with the muscles, tendons and fasciae relaxing on one side of the body while contracting on the other.

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With Live! The Healing Game of Life, we can get to the heart of the philosophy of Being, and become empowered to leave our survival mode and return back to life.
A journey back to yourself—a journey of no return.
Once you’ve experienced what life can truly be, you won’t be able to go back to what you called “life” thus far, which, in reality, was mere survival.

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Integrity is my way

Integrity is the only way leading to happiness, fulfillment and good health and offering a future to us and our children.
There are eight principles that describe the commitment to this path.
It’s a path of many individual people that can turn into a movement.
These eight “Integrity is my way” principles have helped us and many others on our way back to ourselves.
They brought clarity and supported us on our path.

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innerwise for healing

The great physicians and healers were able to see the human being as a whole, thus making true healing possible.
innerwise provides us with the internal and external tools to return to a holistic approach to diagnostics and healing so that healing can once again become a art.

Intuitive Diagnostics

“I’m a physician and still experienced medicine and healing being an art. It is part of my life purpose to help it become an art again.” Uwe Albrecht
The art of equipment-free diagnostics.
It doesn’t use any equipment; instead, it’s based only on objective perception, and on testing with the help of our body. In intuitive diagnostics, the human being is seen and examined on all levels. Intuitive diagnostics is interdisciplinary, saves time and costs, and it can be learned.

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Intuitive Healing

innerwise is intuitive healing—medicine for the 21st century that serves people and animals.
innerwise Healing is realization and insight, self-healing, development, happiness, finding one’s soul purpose, and therapy.
innerwise is intended for therapists, medical doctors, psychologists, dentists, alternative health practitioners, healers, energy practitioners and for you.

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Holographic Healing

Holographic healing is healing with holographic spaces and number codes that manifest their effects like healing energies.
The hologram represents a harmonious healing space based on the flower of life. The flower of life was designed in 3D in 12 layers, which resulted in a cube—even to our surprise! You can enter this cube virtually and let this harmony take effect.

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innerwise for systems

innerwise enables the holistic analysis and coaching of companies and organizations, projects and systems. This is based on our ability to see the fields behind reality and clear up any blockages there, thus changing reality in the easiest and most elegant way.


innerwise for systems, projects and companies: Academy, systemconsulting and salon.

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Imago—making the unseen visible

The innerwise diagnostic and therapeutic tool for people, systems and situations.
Discover the energetics of relationships, situations and systems. Make visible what is concealed, recognize and change the forces at work, and thus reality. Let organs tell their stories and then heal them.
The method of the future for diagnosis and analysis used by therapists, psychologists, coaches and consultants.

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innerwise for learning

Let us build a school of the 21st century for the children of the 21st century.
innerwise stands for the inner wisdom in each of us, and good schools support and inspire this wisdom.

innerwise School

Our schools are from the 19th century, the teachers are from the 20th century and the students are from the 21st century.
Creating a new type of school that encourages children to express and live their individuality, to discover themselves and assume responsibility for themselves, to discover knowledge, wisdom and skills in integrative ways, to become free and happy, and to live life with love—all this requires a complete reinvention of school.

Times are over when schools served to convey knowledge and to adapt children to society. Today children find this knowledge themselves on the Internet—multimedia-based and easy to learn. The true purpose and task of this new school consists in developing children’s multi-faceted competencies and above all, in preserving their joy of learning.

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