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• 194 Seiten, broschiert,
• Hay House Publishing 2012,
• Sprache: Englisch,
• ISBN-10: 1848509758,
• ISBN-13: 978-1848509757,
• 20 cm x 13,1 cm

Did you know that our bodies can talk?

They can say “yes” and “no.” Just like your inner voice sometimes warns or supports you, your body does this too by changing its muscle tension. This is the muscular system's reaction to stress, and means that if you are not comfortable with something, your body says “no” and the length of your arms appears different.

This clear and simple book shows you how to use the arm-length test to access instant answers to absolutely anything from your subconscious. Using it will allow you to know what is best for you in any situation—helping you to maintain balance in all areas of your life, from relationships and health to money and career. And it only takes a few seconds to do, giving you clarity, insight and peace of mind.

Published by Hay House in 2012.

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coming home

Spielerisch und intuitiv, effektiv und anhaltend, dramafrei und lebensverändernd. Für dich, für deine Familie, Freunde, Patienten, Klienten … sogar für deine Beziehung, dein Haus, dein Projekt, deine Firma - einfach für alles, was lebendig ist.

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