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Lisa Rae

Lisa Rae

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Lisa Anne
  • English
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760 409 2787


Indian Wells
Indian Wells, CA, USA


innerwise Academy USA

Since an early age, Lisa has been passionate about the healing arts, and is thrilled to be able to share Innerwise with you.   She states with conviction, "Innerwise is the most comprehensive, empowering, and effective healing system of our time.  I have always believed in a multimodality approach, for what is most needed always depends on the individual.   Voila Innerwise!  How beautiful to have access to such an infinite source of healing." Your Innerwise self wants you to transform and Lisa welcomes the opportunity to help facilitate your quantum transformation.  Innerwise identifies disharmony, stress and blockages in the body and field, determines the root causes of these, such as deep rooted subconscious beliefs and patterns,  and releases them in a safe, playful and loving way, by creating a symphony of healing frequencies.  We are so precious, so much more than we can imagine, and we are able to create the life we desire.  Innerwise is without a doubt, not just a complete healing system but also a transformational one. Degrees and Certifications - Lisa Anne Rae  - Specialist B.A. in French Translation and Linguistics., B. Ed., Associate Degree in Piano Performance, Innerwise Mentor and Coach, Advanced Medical/Spiritual Dowsing Practitioner,  Akashic Records Practitioner, Certified Angel Card Reader (Doreen Virtue), Certified Assertiveness Coach,  Services offered:  Innerwise, Medical Dowsing, Light Therapy, Akashic Record Readings, Angel Card Reading, EMF and Dirty Electricity Investigations and Solutions, Home, Space and Spiritual Clearings. Spiritual Spa/Detox Retreats. Pease feel free to contact Lisa for further information about up and coming workshops and events or to book a session.    

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